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I strive to meet your needs as a unique individual, offering my services to help you regain and maintain health safely and effectively.  --Mary Baenen

List of Services Offered and Brief Description:

     Homeopathy Consultations- based on the law of similars, a variety of safe highly diluted and potentized homeopathic substances are selected for the relief of physical and emotional complaints with special consideration of the characterizations of each individual.   Homeopathy has been used safely and effectively for over 200 years.  It is widely used in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, India and many other countries.  Homeopathy has many strong supporters that include Great Britain's Royal Family,

     Bodywork: NST/Bowen Therapy--Using highly specialized, soft-tissue manipulation, Bowen/NST is able to reset the body's muscle tensional system causing safe, natural auto-regulation to occur within the spinal column and it's structures, thereby rapidly eliminating pain and symptoms, while restoring postural integrity and vitality--Neuro-Structural Integration Technique.

     Homeoprophylaxis (HP Program)-- Safe Prevention of Childhood Infectious Diseases-- Homeoprophylaxis (HP) has been subjected to a 15-year clinical study by Dr. Isaac Golden showing an overall 90 % effectiveness for disease prevention. The goal of HP is to introduce into the human system safe, homeopathic versions of particular diseases in order to train the immune system in a safe and gentle way and the susceptibility to targeted diseases can be reduced. As a result of the ill effects of vaccines, many parents have been choosing not to vaccinate. Now there is another option for families who have chosen not to inject their children with toxic substances. HP is given orally by the parent and is completely free of harmful additives. The HP program is a 4 year program. Booklets are provided for each child to record the dosages and dates given.

     CEASE Therapy (Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression) --The name given by Dr. Tinus Smits reflects how effective he found his therapy for helping reverse the symptoms of Autism. CEASE addresses not only the causative factors of autism, iit has been found to be helpful in many other conditions where there is an obstacle to cure.

     Emotional Trauma Release -- Advanced Neuro-Structural Intigration Techniques as well as body-meridian based EFT (Emotioanl Freedom Technique} for the relief of traumas known or unkown frrom early childhood events as well as those more recent; including panic attacks, phobias and PTSD.

Mary Baenen HMP, C. HP

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